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Wanna do your own thing? Our DIY Art Parties are for you! Whether your group is small or large we can create an event and souvenir package tailored to meet your needs for an unforgettable experience. 


private workshop

This art party is structured just like my Intro to Marbling class. Guests learn the basics of manipulating paints on the surface of a water bath as well as classic patterns. Each participant
will have their own marbling vat and time to practice learned techniques and color combinations before transferring their designs to both paper and silk textiles.



Design and dip your own bandana souvenir. Participants in this art party take turns practicing designs in small format trays and developing a bespoke color palette before printing their pattern on a 22"x22" silk bandana.



Got a corporate event or special occasion? Have a specific souvenir in mind? Reach out with your needs and let us create an experience to remember!

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