About merecedez rex

I am an Austin based artist and creativity enthusiast who favors processes that allow for chance, unpredictability and play. 

i began experimenting with surface design in textiles in 2013 and shortly there after founded my eponymous collection of accessories and home goods. after discovering the magic of water marbling, my focus shifted from dyes on textiles to pigments mono-printed on silk, leather and paper.


 I personally believe that everyone has creative potential and that cultivating creativity is a worthwhile pursuit. One of the things I love most about marbling is how user friendly it is, I found the medium so intuitive to work with I recognized it's potential to act as a vehicle for reconnecting others with their inherent creativity.  I have since made it part of my mission to share this mesmerizing art via workshops, event activations and DIY art parties as a means of igniting the creative spark in others.

silk ships free